SBN Contracting, Qatar is established with a view to exploit the ever-growing opportunities in the emerging contracting and construction industry of Qatar. One of the major visions of our organization is to put the organization in the top among the contracting business of Qatar within the shortest possible time span. Our team, infrastructure and organization are formed with the foresight to achieve this. Our operations team are guided and led by the great leaders who have a proven track record in their field in the contracting business in Middle-East.

Employment of most modern technology, advanced equipments, and highly-skilled manpower led by technocrats make the SBN team idiosyncratic amongst the veteran players in the contracting industry of Qatar.  Highest possible safety measures and adherence of construction standards are of utmost priority in the construction activities of SBN Contracting.

SBN is strictly committed and is in the process of taking part in the building process of Qatar. We are also committed in maintaining highest possible measures of safety and security at our work site. Strict adherence to the quality standards and safety standards make SBN Contracting as one of the major construction company of Qatar in particular and Middle-East in general.