SBN Contracting Company is established with the primary objective of providing international quality of construction services in Qatar. The team at SBN are proud to be one amongst the leaders in the field of building construction in Qatar, and therefore becoming as the part of development of the Qatar as a whole.

SBN Contracting is established as a Contracting Company led by a team of veteran experts and technocrats with scores of years experience in the contracting sector in the Middle East. Most of them are having decades long experience and have worked with leading icons of Contracting Sector in Middle East. Since then SBN Contracting has evolved into one of the large multi-disciplinary contractors capable of handling large turnkey building construction ventures in Qatar.

SBN Contracting company currently has ready access to of thousands of Skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labour and outstanding engineers and technocrats. There are hundreds of engineers, quantity surveyors, foremen, superintendents, safety officers and QA/QC inspectors currently with SBN Contracting Company.


Our mission is to build mutually productive, long term and profitable relationship with our clients and suppliers through professional work ethics. SBN contracting teams are dedicated to providing excellent service in construction and the prefabrication of construction items. SBN ensures quality of the work, safety of the team and environment and on-time completion of projects.


Our vision is to be the top and most recognized in construction sector, and building products, company currently operating in the Qatar.


The management of SBN’s dedication to efficient management and quality has helped us to become one of the first companies in the Qatar who has been noted well by the construction industry of Qatar”. The entire management procedures and processes undergo through detailed internal audits so as to ensure maximum efficiency.

The SBN Contracting Company takes all possible necessary measures to make sure that their work force are safe from risk and injury while they are at worksite, and operating machinery and equipments. The SBN contracting make sure that the entire procedures, working process and practices followed in the activities of the company are compliant with the Code of Practice, Regulations, Acts and Guidelines governing occupational health and safety.


At SBN Contraction we value integrity, mutual respect, teamwork, innovation, initiative, and loyalty. The SBN team is dedicated to working together to achieve the goals of the organization. It is the same work ethic which is behind the success of SBN Contracting Company.

It is the policy of SBN Contracting Company to make sure, as it is reasonably practicable, that all employees are safe from risk and injury to health during the work.

SBN meets this commitment by making sure that the entire procedures and work practices followed in its activities are constantly complied with the Acts, Regulations, Code of Practices and Guidelines governing occupational health and safety.

Entire work forces are expected to take all needful and practical measures to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

SBN Contracting has the responsibility to maintain and monitor the safest working condition and environment at their work place that is fully at the control and management of SBN contracting.